About Altrix Connect

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The Story behind Altrix Connect

What birthed Altrix Connect was sheer passion of a Bitcoin trader who wanted to arrange the entire trading process in an understandable way. The founder of Altrix Connect was always interested in Bitcoin trading and they began doing it as soon as the crypto coin sprung up on various exchanges. With a few tumbles in the beginning, he had a good grasp of how to go about trading Bitcoin and altcoins in general.

One of the challenges he faced while trading Bitcoin was going through the same process over and over. Imagine building a house and coming back the next day to build it from scratch again. After getting tired of repeating the same steps over and over, he finally decided to get everything in the shape of a platform. He thought of a platform where he could expedite the market scanning process, repeat a set trading strategy without configuring it over and over, and have all the trading tools handy when he needed them.

Having friends with similar interests helped him get started with the Altrix Connect project. The initial stages were the most difficult and the team had started to feel disappointed at one point. However, they kept getting back to the drawing board to come up with an exact reflection of what the founder had proposed. It finally happened in 2016 when the first successful test of the platform was completed.

The Reason for Creating Altrix Connect

As a Bitcoin trader himself, the founder of the platform didn’t like the fact that he had to create his trading strategy all over from the beginning every single day. They were also tired of looking into dozens of different places to perform asset analysis. They wanted a quicker and more expedited process with everything a trader would need in a single platform.

The Mission of Altrix Connect Team

The mission of the team since day one has been to iron out the repetition and inefficiency of the traditional trading process. With the Altrix Connect, they aim to create a platform that gets the job done while allowing the trader to exercise their control over the portfolio and all trading decisions.