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What Is Altrix Connect?

Altrix Connect is a trading platform facilitating those who want to invest in the cryptocurrency financial market. The platform links the interested investor with an account manager who formulates a custom trading strategy based on the investor's specific financial goals, risk tolerance, and preferred trading method.

It’s a place where traders from different backgrounds can set the foundation of their Bitcoin trading career and try to diversify their trading portfolio however they like. Rather than relying on a specific asset, investors who sign up on Altrix Connect get access to an expansive list of Bitcoin trading pairs so they can pick their favorite ones for trading.

The one thing traders can expect on Altrix Connect is full control of their funds, information, and trading decisions. All the trading decisions pass through them. If the account manager highlights a certain trading opportunity because it matches the description set by the trader, they would still seek approval from the trader before executing any investment decisions.

All traders are given access to advanced charts that can switch from a simple view to more detailed view for a better analysis of the asset at hand. Furthermore, Altrix Connect offers various other trading tools at your disposal, such as market analysis videos, live news feeds, currency converter, economic calendar, etc.

Every trader, before they begin live trading, has the opportunity to take advantage of the demo account. When a trader uses a demo account, they can trade with fake money to test their trading skills and the validity of their trading strategies. They can begin live trading when they are satisfied with the parameters they have set and the strategies they have formulated.

The platform also streamlines the trading process as a whole by removing the mundane tasks or improving the speed at which traders can perform those tasks. Such a methodology ensures maximum focus on trading and creates possible trading opportunities more frequently for the trader.

The team behind Altrix Connect has worked to create an environment where traders can feel safe. They have implemented all the latest data protection and funds protection standards. Moreover, they comply with industry policies and protocols to ensure traders’ information remains safe. The funds deposited by traders are also maintained in separate accounts.

Understanding the Basics of Bitcoin Trading

So what exactly is Bitcoin trading? Bitcoin is the world’s first, and most popular cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies that are stored on people’s personal wallets and aren’t controlled or governed directly by governments and central banks. It’s a currency i.e. a way to exchange value, but it does not have a physical form and no central authority keeps track of it.

Bitcoin trading means to be able to sell and buy Bitcoin. For starters, you can invest in Bitcoin in a variety of ways. You could just give your friend some money and tell them to transfer some of their bitcoins to your crypto wallet. Also, you could go to an exchange and buy Bitcoin from there. However, the issue with this approach is that you are not sure whether your purchase is a good move or a bad move. Perhaps, you won’t even think about that while buying the cryptocurrency this way.

On a platform like Altrix Connect, you are able to trade on Bitcoin with a proper intent. Now, it needs to be clarified here that success can never be guaranteed. However, you can aim to hopefully stay profitable by creating a strategy that takes into account all market risks. That’s where the importance of Altrix Connect becomes clearer. It provides you with the resources that may help you through this process.

You can scan the markets through advanced charts. You can use various trading tools to factor in all the market risks in your asset analysis. It also gives you access to tools that may give you a hint of how much potential of loss or profitability a trade holds. Last but not least, you get an account manager for the creation of a trading strategy based on how you want to trade, what you want to trade, and how much risk you are willing to take.

In the process of trading, you would place buy or sell positions on Bitcoin against another one of the many cryptocurrencies or a fiat currency. Some of the fiat currencies that are most commonly traded with Bitcoin are EUR, GBP, and USD. In fact, these are the most popular pairs for trading. Once you think you are ready to trade, you can take a position within a few clicks. The best part about the cryptocurrency market is that you can access it 24/7.

Bitcoin vs Altcoins – A Basic Comparison

Any currency other than Bitcoin is referred to as an altcoin. Over the course of time, the cryptocurrency market has expanded at a fast rate.

Today, you have more than 20,000 digital currencies competing against each other to be the best. However, not many have come close to the stature of Bitcoin to this day. However, there are some well-established digital currencies that are considered “big” in the cryptocurrency industry.

Many traders and investors are keen to know how Bitcoin fares against these altcoins. Let’s take a look.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

The first thing you have to know in this comparison is that Ethereum is a misnomer in a sense. Most people think that Ethereum is a cryptocurrency but it’s technically the blockchain platform on which ‘Ether’ works. Ether is the name of the digital coin and it is represented with the symbol ETH. Ethereum is the second most popular digital currency in the world and some would argue that it’s the best.

Some experts say that there is no doubt that Ethereum is the strongest, most popular, and most well-known digital currency in the world after Bitcoin. It is also quite unique in terms of value, which is quite high despite the fact that its total supply is infinite.

It might make sense for people to see Bitcoin being valued so high because there will only be 21 million bitcoins in the world. However, with an infinite supply, Ethereum does startle many with its value being above $1500 most of the time. It’s one of the rare digital coins that come closest to the value of Bitcoin.

It won’t be wrong to say the Bitcoin birthed blockchain and Ethereum nurtured it to be what it is today. Some developers in the world who create blockchain-based software solutions and apps use Ethereum as the foundation. Ethereum also takes credit for introducing to the world the concept of smart contracts.

Some would say that Ethereum is more scalable and holds more innate value for its investors than Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin is a simple concept i.e. it’s purely a digital currency. It’s this simplicity that makes it so acceptable and understandable for people. Also, since it was the first digital currency to launch, its acceptability has already reached far above any other coin’s acceptability.

Bitcoin vs. Tether

Tether is a unique cryptocurrency, and in the world of bitcoins and altcoins, you refer to Tether as the stablecoin. Yes, that’s a term given to cryptocurrencies that use a hedging mechanism to stay stable. In this case, Tether, which is written in symbolic form as USDT, pegs the USD to maintain a stable value. In other words, every single USDT coin is backed by a $1.

You can visit the company’s website and read its whitepaper to know how it backs up every single coin. The most important part is that if you had some USDT coins and you traded them for fiat currency, the Tether blockchain works in a way that it will destroy those coins. It thus maintains its 1 to 1 ratio with the USD in circulation.

Bitcoin can be extremely volatile and every person who wishes to trade Bitcoin should know it. USDT, on the other hand, is stable and has remained that way for years. It is also the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world when you compare it based on its market cap.

Bitcoin vs. Ripple

Ripple was one of the fastest growing digital currencies until it got hit with regulations by the SEC. SEC proved that Ripple, symbolized as XRP, was a security and thus had to be under certain obligations that it had been avoiding since its inception.

Yet again, as is the case with Ethereum, the term Ripple doesn’t really denote the currency or token. Ripple is the network whereas XRP is the name of the token. The idea of Ripple was to simplify the transfer of funds from point A to point B, which would usually be several thousand miles apart.

If you look at the transaction costs and speed of transactions, XRP comes out as the winner. However, there are always concerns on the true decentralized nature of this network since a huge chunk of this token’s total supply is owned by the company, its employees, and other corporations in the circle of its founders.

XRP is considered by some traders as one of the best digital currencies out there as it always maintains its position in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. It works on a consensus model with a specific number of selected nodes to validate transactions. This method is often frowned upon but also works to make XRP transactions faster than other cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin is where it is today and trusted by millions of people, XRP may be a more viable solution and fairly future-proof. However, its legality remains an issue and a point of contention is how well financial institutions will accept it as a payment system.

Learn How to Try and Make Smarter Bitcoin Trading Decisions

Trading is a skill that you learn with time. However, Altrix Connect simplifies this entire process and can hopefully give you more confidence in your trades. Here is what you can expect if you begin trading.

  • Know Trading Price and Volume

    Your platform has advanced charts to give you a quick view of the market at any given moment. The advanced charts are interactive and allow you to view the market from many angles. You can look at a simple line chart or switch to a more advanced candlestick chart. You can keep an eye on the price as well as the volume of trading to analyze your trades in more ways before you execute them.
  • Experiment with Many Bitcoin Pairs

    You have many Bitcoin pairs in your reach so you can pick the ones that you think suit your trading strategy the most. Of course, the account manager is there to point out any trading opportunities that fit your trading style, but you do have a choice anyway.
  • Test Skills before Implementing

    Have you created a new trading strategy? Do you want to test if your parameters would work in certain market conditions or not? If yes, you can try the demo account to execute fake trades with fake money. You can test your trading skills and understanding using a demo account and without putting your money at risk.
  • Be Informed at All Times

    Since you can trade Bitcoin 24/7, you can access the platform the same way. Your platform includes various market insights and analysis, and even market news feeds that reach you without additional costs. Furthermore, you can try to take advantage of trading signals to hopefully be a well-informed trader.

Formulate your own trading strategy and try to capture Bitcoin trading opportunities with Altrix Connect.



Is Bitcoin truly decentralized?

Yes, Bitcoin is as decentralized as a cryptocurrency can be. No one knows who created it and the creator has never touched the Bitcoin they own.

Can I use Bitcoin to buy stuff online?

Bitcoin is the most accepted digital currency and there are some retailers accepting it for making payments.

Do I have to have Bitcoin to trade it?

Not really. You can begin your trading journey with any fiat currency. It is up to you to either speculate on the price of bitcoins through trades or buy and hold them in any wallet that is available online.

How can I secure my Bitcoin wallet?

It depends on the type of wallet you choose. Your wallet can be as simple as your private key on a piece of paper. Just make sure you keep it in a place where you remember it.